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Welcome to Hama – A Korean family-run restaurant on Woodhouse Lane, Leeds! Following the success of our sister venue Yokohama Korean & Japanese Restaurant on Roundhay Road, we have decided to open a second venue Hama in The Merrion Centre at the heart of Leeds city centre.

Hama is a buffet-style all-you-can-eat Korean bbq restaurant, you can pick the food you like and have fun cooking the meat at the table. We aim to serve a wide variety of authentic Korean dishes using our home recipes and to offer a range of true Korean-style blend of well-marinated meat and fresh seafood for you to choose from.

Our contemporary restaurant can accommodate over 100 guests with over 25 tables, which makes this a fantastic place to entertain yourself, friends and family. Discover the Korean bbq dining experience as you watch everything being prepared on a smokeless grill at your own table, and also don't forget to get yourself an opportunity to try out Korea’s number one alcoholic drink Soju.

We are delighted to see that our guests enjoy our food and spend a lovely time while at our restaurant. 

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£33.00 per Head


Monday - Friday4:00pm - 10:30pm9pm
Saturday12:00pm - 10:30pm9pm
Sunday12:00pm - 10:00pm8:30pm

Buffet - Choose from over 25 dishes
(Includes Korean traditional main dishes, side dishes, sushi, kimbab and fruits.)

BBQ - Choose from over 13 dishes
(Includes pork, chicken, beef, seafoods and vegetables.)

Age 11 - 14: £22.00
Age 3 - 10: £1 per age

Each table is normally allocated for an hour and thirty minutes

£22.00 per Head


Monday - Thursday4:00pm - 10:30pm9pm
Saturday & Sunday12:00pm - 4:00pm2:30pm

Buffet Only No BBQ - Choose from over 25 dishes
(Includes Korean traditional main dishes, side dishes, sushi, kimbab and fruits.)

Age 3 - 10: £1 per age

Each table is normally allocated for an hour and thirty minutes



We have a wide variety of beverages to choose from such as soft drinks, tea, water, alcoholic drinks, beers and wines. Our exclusive range of Korean drinks match the BBQ food perfectly like plum tea, Korean beers and most importantly, soju. 


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HAMA Korean BBQ Buffet
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Dave JohnsonDave Johnson
19:21 18 May 24
Great restaurant and a novel way of eating by bbq ing your own food on the table grill. Lots of choice of sides to go with your meat. Some really tasty pork and chicken. Some of the cuts of beef were not the best. Not keen on the seafood at all. All in all good quality and well worth a visit. Drinks not overly expensive for Leeds city centre
Ezeobiakor IzuchukwuEzeobiakor Izuchukwu
19:40 04 May 24
I enjoyed every bit of it. It is my first time at a Korean restaurant, but I had the a you can eat buffet. This way, I tried every possible combination in my mind. The meal was tasty and well prepared. I also had the opportunity to prepare my own meals.The staff were really courteous and ready to serve. Adult meals individuals above age 12 cost £28, while the price of the children cost the age of the child. For example, an eight year old child cost £8.Would be glad to come back again.
07:04 03 May 24
Very nice concept, vibrant, and great service frequency. Staff were greatly attentive and friendly.However, if you are not a barbecue fan and not user-friendly, you may find the concept scary or fearful. After all, you do have a low-level grill heater in front of you at the table ...giving you delicious food prep and ownership of your meal.The focus is on meat, which is great, but the limited amount on side dishes other than sushi and no desserts... makes it fall from 5 stars. It lacks more than the main dish or buffet....
William PangWilliam Pang
20:32 29 Apr 24
Solid place with more or less all you can eat, lost a star as the meat wasn't exactly prime cut but it was filling and good experience.
stephen wongstephen wong
21:31 06 Apr 24
Great korean BBQ buffet.For £28 per person. There are plenty of variety of meat to grill and also a selection of Korean hot food such as Tteok-bokki and Japchae.If you love to barbecue, I highly recommend visiting this restaurant.
Sharon WongSharon Wong
18:15 12 Mar 24
One of the only K-BBQ places in Leeds and it is definitely worth a try! 28GBP per person for an all-you-can-eat buffet that includes BBQ meats and ready cooked dishes. (and FIVE different types on kimchi, my gosh!!) Definitely love the variety and big eaters can definitely get their money's worth. The fruits there are particularly good too!I'll let the photos speak for themselves! I knocked off one star because some of their meats are a little tough (ahem the beef steak), other than that, the marinated meats are SO good.
Marta KozickaMarta Kozicka
12:48 02 Mar 24
If you are looking for a place where you want to eat deliciously and drink Korean/Japanese/Chinese beer, this restaurant will be a good choice for you. The food is fresh and tasty, the best and main point of the restaurant is the barbecue at the table! You can fry your own food! I recommend highly.
surinder cheemasurinder cheema
17:39 16 Feb 24
This is a Korean restaurant on the edge of Roundhay Park Leeds. There is a small free car park adjacent to the restaurant. All the dishes are Korean and include vegetarian and meat options. Portions are reasonable per person. We found the dishes to be tasty. Drinks range from hot teas/coffees to cold and alcoholic. The waiters were very polite and we were served by several rather than just one. Once ordered, food arrives within 15 minutes. On good days the many double doors can be swung open to allow sitting out on the patios.
neno gursovneno gursov
17:55 06 Jan 24
It was a great experience for me and my family. The staff are friendly and helpful. Beer is in small bottles 330ml. My Mrs. likes the red wine. There's a BBQ on the table, just go and choose your meat. Plenty of choice for food.
10:02 23 Dec 23
Great service and excellent food served in an incredible building! We ordered the fried chicken twice, so delicious was it.
20:30 28 Nov 23
The food was good and the service was quick.There is a wide variety and selection of authentic styled Korean foods.The only thing that could be improved are the ventilation devices do not remove a great deal of the smoke from the meat cooking.
Lijo JohnsonLijo Johnson
21:30 21 Nov 23
My first visit to a Korean bbq place and Hama did not disappoint. The cleanliness of the place can be improved a bit more.The meats were all spot on and the flavours were great. Staff super friendly. The trick is to fire up the grill to its maximum temperature initially and then lower it down eventually. Definitely going back again. Make sure to try the beef grills, they’re brilliant. Not exceptionally fond of the raw squid and prawns though. Sushi was dry so definitely room for improvement.
Matilda vlogMatilda vlog
22:02 29 Oct 23
I must say, this is my favourite Korean grill in the UK! We live 2 hours away, but I think, we will comeback here again soon 😋😋😋
Jenna Louise WardJenna Louise Ward
13:22 21 Oct 23
Staff are absolutely lovely! The food was not particularly to my taste, especially the meat for the BBQ but it definitely wasn't lacking in flavour. The side dishes that you serve yourself were a little cold, but still, nice flavours. Will happily try again.
Radosław KwiatkowskiRadosław Kwiatkowski
08:07 19 Oct 23
Great service and good food: choice of pork, beef, chicken, and prawns/squid.Tables for max 4 only.Side dishes from the buffet are amazing.Unfortunately, we couldn't have Korean beer - not available on the day we visited.
Shuxian LinShuxian Lin
16:57 02 Jul 23
Seen this type of bbq restaurants a lot in Kdramas. After experiencing it first time, I want to come back for more. The meat is nicely marinated and tasted fresh. The buffet comes with a good spread of side dishes too. Good food great service.
Lewis BaxterLewis Baxter
19:05 29 Jun 23
Lovely cook-your-own meat place. The food is great (I'd honestly come for just the marinated beef!) And the staff have all been lovely when we've been in the past. Owner is lovely and remembers his customers.Little pricey at £28 per head+drinks but well worth at least one visit and of course it's a buffet so grab as much as you'd like.Only problem is parking but the same could be said about anywhere in Leeds city centre.
Joshua George MathewJoshua George Mathew
21:32 27 Jun 23
A full five star for the great food, great service from Mr. Choi. The quality of the beef and pork are just incredible. I had the pork belly, pork shoulder but the best ever is the La Galbi! 🙂 I we were late and despite that he still welcomed us and served us past 10.30! Wonderful!
Diego HongDiego Hong
20:40 11 Jun 23
Superb Korean bbq in Leeds! All the staffs were very nice and professional. The quality of food was also amazing. Although it is buffet, all the dishes were super delicious and bbq reminds me the taste of Korea. There were various types of Korean dishes that you could experience. 100% sure it is the best Korean restaurant in Leeds.
BobbysAndBobs BTLシBobbysAndBobs BTLシ
20:09 28 Nov 22
Absolutely fantastic! The food they served was way above my expectation and the service they showed was brilliant. The people welcomed us with warm smiles and explained everything to us so we qerent left confused. The food they served was delicious and with different flavours that satisfied me to the highest level. This was a raw experience which left me astonished with the food and service. I will definitely come back here. 10/10!
Signature KSignature K
19:30 10 Jul 22
What a lovely find for Leeds! Not far of a walk from the train station and price range is decent enough. The staff are wonderful and very nice and funny. Food is yummy. Lots to choose from even if you're a vegetarian or just like fish/seafood! Kimchi fried rice was so good and the tofu was perfect! A clean and tidy place too. Worth a visit on your own or as a group!
Eduard MunteanEduard Muntean
11:18 02 Jun 22
First time trying Korean bbq and it was a lovely experience! It was an all you can eat buffet with a huge range of different authentic dishes! The whole Cook your own meat experience was like no where before wide range of traditional marinated meats all the way from beef, chicken and pork and also seafood like prawn and shrimp! The food quality and freshness was very high! Very good service from the staff Would highly recommend also very affordable price for the buffet.
Antz EddlestonAntz Eddleston
19:57 03 May 22
Some of the best Korean BBQ I've ever had the pleasure of eating. We were sat very quickly, the explanation of how to cook the food and what is available was clear, drinks orders were taken quickly even though the place was full.Unlike a lot of Korean BBQ places, Hama gives you the option to select what food you want from a large selection in the middle of the restaurant as an all you can eat buffet style, instead of manually ordering what you want and waiting for them to arrive, the meats on offer are classic Korean fair (belly pork, short ribs and Kelbi/bulgogi seasoned) everything labeled so you know what they are, as well as some surprisingly good choices.There is an 1hr30min time limit to keep the tables moving, which is plenty of time to grab some plates full of food and enjoy them at your own pace. As well as various meats there is a selection of banchan (Korean side dishes) as well as stir fried food, such as bulgogi beef, topokki, fried rice and other various things to try.Consider me a big fan as I will be coming here again very soon.
Bohyun YunBohyun Yun
20:36 24 Apr 22
This restaurant is real authentic korean bbq buffet! I have been to one in Korea and it is exactly same like mood and food. Also there are so many options for korean food and meat and seafood. There is special bbq sauce for it and u gotta try it with meat! So noicee! Recommend 🤩
What is Korean BBQ

The Korean Food Culture

Korean barbecue, known as gogi-gui (고기구이 'meat roast'), is a popular Korean cuisine of cooking cuts of meats on a grill in the middle of a dining table. Korean barbecue was founded more than 2000 years ago, it is a group meal where friends and family can gather to grill meats and chat alongside each other. Bulgogi (불고기) and Galbi (갈비) are considered to be the most popular dishes in Korean barbecue culture, where thinly sliced of meats (chicken, pork, beef) and short ribs are prepared unmarinated or marinated (in a sweet and savoury sauce) before getting them to cook!

Grill some meat​s


Wrap it in lettuce


Top it in sauce


Bite and eat



Book a Table

Please contact us at 0113 245 5250 or fill out the form below to make an advanced booking.

We strongly recommend anyone who is coming in a group of 6+ people and/or at peak hours to book a table in advance, to avoid any disappointment in case the house was full at the time on your arrival.

Please also let us know if you have any special requirements at the time of booking.

    Please allow at least one day notice for us to make sure the best place can be allocated for you.

    Please be aware that we are open at 4:00pm on Monday to Thursday and the last entry is 8:30pm on Sunday.

    Table Reservation

      Please allow at least one day notice for us to make sure the best place can be allocated for you.

      Please be aware that we are open at 4:00pm on Monday to Thursday and the last entry is 8:30pm on Sunday.